Location of Sunday and Tuesday Meditations for Ananda Boston:
201 Humphrey Street, Marblehead, MA   01945

gaskell studio large

The picture here shows the the Gaskell Studio at 201 Humphrey St, Marblehead, MA (location for our Sunday meditations) as viewed from Humphrey Street. We show it to you because it’s so set back from the street and easy to pass by–even using fancy GPS things! It’s located between Tufts and Brookhouse Roads.

Note the 201 on the metal mailbox. Note also that the the driveway going up to the left leads to a large white house on the hill, which is a private residence, whereas our meditations are in the structure you see here–formerly a garage for that house on the hill, but now a nice studio!

Please park on Humphrey Street and not in the driveway, then just come on in the red door that you see in this photo.

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